Winter Houndstm is in its second year.  We set this up as an inexpensive winter escape to get out of the house, see some neat things and hang out with some greyhound folks without having to wait months for summer.

This is a low-cost, informal event.  We spoke with a number of greyhound folks and we all agreed that we needed a mid-winter inexpensive  get-away event to bridge the gap between Greyhounds Reach the Beach® and the year's first events. Participating wineries, distilleries and brew pubs will either waive fees or charge minimal tasting fees.   And they can't wait to see the greyhounds.

Hotels  Holiday Inn has given us a great rate ($75 a night) and charges a small ($10) one-time pet fee.  The Holiday Inn/Waterloo, New York, is just north of our Seneca Lake wineries, distilleries and brew pubs.  Holiday Inn has large comfortable rooms, many hallway lounges with electric fireplaces and both a restaurant and a pub.  

Holiday Inn - Waterloo/Seneca Falls 

(315) 539-5011  Use reservation code WHR.

Gould Hotel has been booked for a corporate event during our weekend and is not available.

Confirmation  Holiday Inn will send you a reservation confirmation which mentions pet fees, etc.  It's a standard confirmation, not customized for our event, so just know that there is a one time $10 pet fee  for our group using code WHR.

Weather Concerns Holiday Inn knows that if we get a winter storm, people may have to cancel, so they promise no cancellation hassles at all.  If a storm happens to come in during our weekend, just call the hotel and cancel.  Done deal.  So you need not worry about making reservations and then having to cancel.   The Holiday Inn actually has an internal courtyard where we can walk the dogs out of the wind.

We will again rent a big conference room for about five vendors who will offer coats, collars and other popular winter-oriented greyhound products.  This can also be a great room where we can hang out and socialize.

​Registration last year was "at the door" only;  this year we will allow folks to register in advance.   Our modest registration fee covers our social room/conference room rentals for socializing and vendors, and our tasting glasses.   We want to keep everything inexpensive, simple and easy.   

Schedule:  February 24, 25 & 26, 2017

We plan a Welcome event in the social room at Holiday Inn on Friday evening, Feb, 24, from 5-8 PM.  We plan to have some tasting activity there from our friends at Fulkerson Winery.   Mostly we'll reintroduce ourselves and hang out.  Greyhounds are welcome everywhere.  

Friday evening and Saturday we'll have some vendors open during certain hours in our conference room at the Holiday Inn.  Our participating wineries around Seneca Lake are available 10AM-5PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday for wine tasting.   We'll provide an information card at registration with tasting information for each participating winery.   On Sunday, we hope to have a discounted brunch for all the hound owners at Holiday Inn while your hounds sleep in. Then more wine tasting on Sunday, until you have to leave for home.  You can spend your time at the hotel with friends, seeing local sights and museums or touring the wineries, distilleries and brew pubs. Inside stuff or outside stuff.  Your choice.  

Our attendees from 2016 just loved this event because it was small and intimate.  People got to congregate in the hotel lounges in front of a fireplace in the evenings -- with their hounds -- have a glass of wine, and get to know people whom they had seen at events but maybe had not ever had a chance to chat with.  The hotel was very friendly and helpful.  People came away from the weekend with a lot of new greyhound friends.

New Info (1/29/17)

Tasting Glasses When you check in, we'll give you a tasting glass and a card listing all the participating wineries, what their tasting fees are (if any), and any special information.  Instead of offering three types of tasting glasses (stemless wine, stemmed wine and beer glasses) as we do at our Grapehound Wine Tour® summer event, we have decided to give everyone a larger 15 oz. stemless wine or beer tasting glass with a customized Winter Houndstm design in white and burgundy.  In this way you can use your new glass for any tasting venue you visit and have a new glass style and design to show off too.

Lost Kingdom Brewery and many wineries have already told us there are no tasting fees with them if you have a greyhound with you!  How cool is that?  And we will contacted numerous summer wineries and distilleries to see if they wish to be part of our event.  

​Please send us an email at  1) if you have questions or 2) if you wish to attend but do not plan to pre-register so that we can order enough supplies.

* Seneca Falls, New York is believed to be the model town for Frank Capra's famous holiday movie It's a Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stewart.  The Hotel Gould used to be called Hotel Clarence after the angel who helps Jimmy Stewart's character in the movie.  There's even an It's a Wonderful Life museum about a block from the hotel.  We are working to schedule a photo at the museum with all our people and hounds.   Oddly enough, there is no waterfall in or near Seneca Falls! But there is an iron bridge similar to the one from which George Bailey jumped in the river to save Clarence the angel in It's a Wonderful Life.  In fact a similar rescue actually happened many years ago near this same iron bridge.

Winter Houndstm

An informal gathering of greyhound folks with their hounds in NY wine country  ​Friday-Sunday, February 24, 25, 26, 2017

   Check In Times for Winter Hounds

Holiday Inn-Waterloo/Seneca Falls

Early Bird Check In (So early arrivers can taste wine on Friday)

Friday morning February 24th  

8-9 AM  Restaurant at Holiday Inn

Regular Check In

Friday evening, February 24th

5-8 PM  Cabernet Room at Holiday Inn

Saturday morning, February 25th 

9AM-11 AM Cabernet Room at Holiday Inn

Check in at other times by special arrangement.  Email us if you have trouble getting there by Saturday morning:

Here's why the Watkins Glen gorge trail is too dangerous to walk in winter.  In fact, it's so rugged that dogs are not allowed on it even in summer!

Don't be stuck in the same old winter rut like these dogs!  Throw away your cabin fever and let's go taste some wine and hang out for an inexpensive social greyhound weekend in New York!

Brady, owned by Cindy McNealy, is shown here in snow wearing his warm winter coat.  Brady was the featured greyhound for January in the 2015 Celebrating Greyhounds calendar.  

Weather is predicted to be mild!

Winter Houndstm
February 24, 25, & 26,  2017

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