2019 Likely Vendors (Updated 2-26-19)

Axell Photography (Manchester, ME)

Joe Bushman, Artist (Bronxville, NY)

Cassie's Casual Wear  (McConnellstown, PA)

​Couch Potato Collection (Rochester, NY)

Creative Crafts  (Summerville, SC)

​​​​​God's Greyts (Orlando, FL) will be trimming nails

​Greyhound Love (Birdsboro, PA)

Harley's Barkery (Syracuse, NY)

Hold Still Portraits for Pets (Sharon Springs, NY)

​​​Linda Evans Greyhound Artist (East Clarendon, VT)

​Long Dog Leather (Silver Spring, MD)

​Wetherby Martingales (Greensburg, PA)

 Grapehounds T-Shirt 

We will have a new T-shirt for 2019.  Last year's shirt had our logo and the words, "I rescue hounds on the front.   On the back it said, "I also rescue wine when I find it trapped in a bottle."

We also have a nice selection of embroidered polo shirts which are very sharp looking for dinner out in the summer time.  

"Adopt a Greyhound" Cap

We have a new universal baseball cap,

designed by Kent Roberts.  We think this

is the coolest greyhound cap around!  

These also can be purchased in our 

Grapehound Wine Tour® online store.

The Grapehound

                Wine Tour®

Grapehounds- New York Updates 
July 25-July 28, 2019

Send us your photos from Grapehounds!

Cheers from Kay Boniface as she relaxes at the new Boundary Breaks winery with her three hounds, Sabrina, Dakota and Geyser.  Boundary Breaks is not far from our main location in Ovid.

Tracy Leach sent us photos of her two pups, Chelsea and Bart, checking out Seneca Lake.

This is Gary at Atwater Vineyards, owned by Amanda and Noel Catti.  I know what you mean, Gary:  I saw a lot of humans looking at those Atwater wines with their tongues hanging out too!

Bille Axell photography took this special photo of Stephanie and Ron Miles' two hounds, Daisy Mae and Kenny, as Kenny was getting to know his biological brother.  A special moment on Seneca Lake!

The Grapehound Wine Tour®, July 25-28, 2019

Location  We awill be at catharine Valley Winery as our main host location this year, just 4 miles north of the Walmart in Watkins Glen on Route 414.

We plan to have Atwater as our Early Bird destination, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards as our Welcome winery and Fulkerson as our Sunday host winery.  We have several new wineries and brew pubs on this year's tour, over 42 wineries, distilleries and brew pubs in all.

Our Hotels page is being updated as hotels respond to our outcalls.   Places are filling up so don't wait to reserve your accommodation.

News Flash!  (4/23) There is a Villa available at Vineyard Villas.  This is a one bedroom, 2 level Villa, includes full kitchen, BBQ grill, firewood for firepit.2 person occupancy with additional sleeping up to 4 people total with the downstairs sofabed. The pictures can be seen on our website below.  It is a 4 night minimum, no pet fee, rate is 280 / 290 depending on days chosen ( must include Friday and Saturday). You can book 7 days with 10% discount as well.   Call Rico at  607-882-2345  See the Villas at vineyardvillas@htva.net

Bille Axell also took this stunning portrait of Jewel and April, owned by Donna and Earl Dinger.

The Little Red Wagon is back! The Little Red Wagon will be providing delicious entrees for our event at our host winery this year.  They do a lot of  dietetic or veggie options for those of you who like salads or wraps and not the traditional hamburger and fries fare.  But they have that too!

​​​Seresto Collars  

We unequivocally recommend Seresto collars for flea and tick protection for greyhounds and other sighthounds.  We have used them for two consecutive years ion four greyhounds and we have not seen a tick.  Our dogs h walk in tall grasses and deep woods on our six acres, and we have not seen a tick, despite a heavy tick presence.  These collars are non- irritating to our dogs' skin and we love the fact that they are an external tick control, not a  systemic  treatment.   Nothing has controlled ticks on our dogs like these Seresto collars.  You won't believe their efficacy!  Plus, they last eight months!    Put them on and forget it!

Adoption Groups

We will have a number of greyhound adoption groups at this year's Grapehound Wine Tour®, including

Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan (GEM)

Greyhounds Pet Adoptions of Delaware (Newark, DE)

​Forever Home Greyhound Adoption (MIddleburg, NY)

Greyt Companions  (Albany, NY)

God's Greyts (Orlando, FL)

​Nittany Greyhound Adoption (Port Matilda, PA)