Donations by The Grapehound Wine Tour®, Inc.,
to Adoption Groups in 2018

Forever Home Greyhound Adoption (Middleburg, NY)

God's Greyts (Orlando, FL)
Greyhound Companions (Albany, NY)
Greyhound Pet Adoption Delaware  (Newark, DE) 
Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester (Rochester, NY)
Humane Society of Schuyler County (Montour Falls, NY)

The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit charity formed for the benefit of greyhound adoption.  Tax ID 35-2493185


The Grapehound Wine Tour®

The Grapehound Wine Tour®-Virginia 2010-2014

In the first five years of operation, the Grapehound Wine Tour-Virginia donated over $30,469 to twelve Virginia area 501(c)3 registered greyhound adoption groups.  This figure does not count wine basket donations or any other non-cash donations.  The Virginia event is now organized by Virginia Greyhound Adoption (VAGA).

The Grapehound Wine Tour®-New York 2006-2013

Started in 2006, the Grapehound Wine Tour in New York has paid out over $34,000 in donations to regional 501c3 greyhound adoption groups.  We have also donated to the local dog shelters in New York.

Donations to Adoption Groups

It is the sole stated purpose of The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., to donate to 501(c)3 sighthound adoption groups to support their adoption work.  

We do not adopt dogs;  we financially support the groups that do.

No officer or board member of the Grapehound Wine Tour® receives any money from our charity.

The Grapehound Wine Tour®, donates gift baskets with wine glasses, T-shirts, etc. to 501(c)(3) registered adoption groups for their picnics or fund raising events. 

Please send your donation request for your group to The Grapehound Wine Tour® at